Single Action Photo ($15 per photo)

How it works:

I will email you the photo once I have received payment.  I don't do prints because then you are only spending $15 for one single photo.  I like to send them digitally, that way you can make as many copies as you'd like for $15 and send them to whoever.

Booster Club, Specific Sports Team ($200 per game)

How it works: Approx 100 good, cropped photos.

You have hired me to be your personal photographer for a sporting event of your choosing. I am yours for the entire game and will only be shooting the team you've requested.  After the game, I will send you approximately 100 good, cropped photos.

‚ÄčWeddings: (contact for pricing)

How it works: Approx 50 good shots per hour

We will set up a meeting of some sort beforehand and lay out the full plan.  I make sure to know exactly what the client is looking for before the big day so there are no issues.

Head Shots: $50

For more information in regards to pricing or interest in hiring me, please contact: or 973-462-4513 or fill out the box below.